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Horse Names

Criollo horses

This is intended to be serious fun. Of the well over 9 million horses currently living in the United States very few are actually used as the owner’s principal means of transportation or work. I hope at least some of these horse names will put a smile on your face, after all, that’s why we own equines.

Racing and Show

Don’t overlook these names just because you don’t have a race horse. These devices can be used for any moniker.

You’ve found a great name for your horse, but it’s already taken. Here are

to modify your great idea to make it unique.

Here are more adjectives to create great

horse names.

Try these

for more unique combinations.

These say

Follow this link for equine monikers from


These relate to

These are


These relate to

Here are names for and good fortune.

These are themed.

Travel the world in your own saddle with these place names.

These horse names are .

Females Only

Here are names for your mares and fillies.

ones for mares and fillies.

And here are some just for .

make great girl horse names.

Males Only


By Color

All American

Show your spirit with these great ideas.

Cute and Little

Follow this link for

, cute names for horses and ponies, and miniature horses.


names for dressage horses and other charming horses.


These ones will bring a smile to your face.

A little

These are nonsensical and .

More that are cartoon related.

Here are some for the show ring.

Great Horse Names

Here are some that relate to


Here are some


Aloha from .

Follow this link for some great


Here is a page of

names for more ideas.

This page will help you with Icelandic



Quarter Horse Names

Here are some great

horse names not just for quarter horses, but also for paints and appaloosas.

One Word

Here are some

horse names.


Even shorter–these have only .

Need a horse to go with that great horse name? Follow this link to Willows Edge Farm and their beautiful

Look at these cute horse-themed gifts! – Your source for monogrammed halters, custom horsehair bracelets & personalized horse gifts.

Have some more fun with these from Wallis n’ Daughter Farm.

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