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Horse flash games you can play at

Here at you can find all kinds of fun flash games featuring horses. In some of them you participate in a race, others your jumping over obstacles, some involves grooming, and even have strategy based horse flash games. Our online horse game collection contains fun flash games such as Lucky Ranch, Grooming Salon, Jumporama, and Charger Escape. In the Charger Escape game you get to help a well-kept and well maintained horse to achieve freedom. In the Lucky Ranch game you get to learn how to take care of horses on a horse farm. Cute Horse Hospital is an online game that offers wonderful animations where you get to treat horses as they come into your hospital. At the Grooming Salon you get to dress-up these cute animals and make them look fabulous. Show Jumping, , and all are great horse jumping flash games. All our online animals flash games feature many levels so you should be able to have a lot of fun.

The four Categories of Horses

Horses are divided into four categories (races). From the warm-blooded, cold-blooded to the thoroughbreds and ponies. This subdivision has nothing to do with the blood temperature of a horse, but with the character of a horse, its nature and talents and with the physiological body structure of the horse. The so-called cold-blooded animals have a strong and broad physique. Cold-blooded animals are very strong and heavy, usually rather calm and patient. Cold-blooded horses would previously serve man as workhorses. The most frequently encountered horses today are warm-blooded horses. Riding horses are designed to be lighter, very lively and persistent, but they are also more easily scared, which is to say more nervous than cold-blooded horses. The so-called thoroughbred horses are very good riding horses and are often used as a race horses, but thoroughbreds are also very sophisticated and sensitive horses. How old a horse can get depends a lot on his race. Cold-blooded horses grow up pretty fast, but unfortunately they die early. Most of these horses do not make it to an age older than 18 years. Most riding horses are so-called warm-blooded animals. Warm-blooded horses can live up to 20 years of age, thus making them slightly older than cold-blooded horses. The popular pony can get up to 40 years old. Have fun with the free online horse games on our website, here you get to take care of them, ride them, dress up these beautiful animals, style them and so much more. On you will have a great fun time with our hand-picked free online game collection.

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