Cheval, Jeux de chevaux, Jeux de chevaux gratuits

You’re a wild west cowboy and you have to get all the gold you can. Ride your horse and shoot the bad guys trying to kill you. Use arrow keys or WASD to move and mouse to shoot.

2017-06-12 – shooting

If you like horse jumping, you’ll love this game. Use your skills to jump over the obstacles with your horse and win. Use space bar to jump.

2017-06-04 – Racing

Drive a real Bmx and try to get the largest horse. Be smart and don’t lose. Use arrow keys.

2017-05-24 – bikes

Drive your burning moto and get through all the obstacles on the road. Use arrow keys to drive and space bar to jump like a horse.

2017-03-13 – bikes

Fight in this medieval tournament as a knight and beat your opponent. Click once to pick the speed of your horse. CLick again to put down your spear and click many times to aim to your enemy.

2017-01-05 – action

If you like riding, you will enjoy customizing the rider clothes and the accessories for the horse with such diverse backgrounds that you can choose in the end… Make selections with your mouse.

2016-11-13 – girls

For the exhibition that this girl will go with her horse, she wants to be perfect and dressed, so help her by choosing what you like… Make selections with your mouse.

2016-09-20 – girls

Help the Princess to leave her horse spectacular. Follow these directions to play, interacting with the mouse…

2016-06-30 – girls

A real challenge to your ability and intelligence against the chess board, surviving with the horse to the relentless attack of pawns.

2016-02-26 – board games

Choose your horse, rider, trainer and a truck to go the racecourses. Buy food for your horse and train it to race. With the money that you will earn bet money. You can get money to improve its performance and classify in the first positions.

2015-12-28 – Racing

Sharpen your sight and find Derpy and the delicious cupcakes that are hidden between a crowd of little horses. On the last level you are going to unlock a new challenge. Discover it. ☺ INSTRUCTIONS: Use your Mouse.

2015-03-05 – kids

Rapunzel and her boyfriend want give kisses close the magical lake but they need your help to do it without being seen by the horse. INSTRUCTIONS: Use your mouse.

2015-01-13 – Movie

Have fun with this classic solitaire and exceed the 3 levels as fast as you can. Use your mouse to move the cards.

2014-07-27 – cards

Help the horse avoid the obstacles on the way. The scren will show a white symbol when you’re close to one. Make him jump right away. Use the space bar to move and arrow keys to jump or stop. There are 14 levels.

2014-06-09 – Racing

Manage your own horse farm and feed the horses, give them water, buy new services and make your farm grow. Use your mouse.

2014-05-27 – Animal

Help Dora the Explorer to ride with her horse and to collect all treasures on her way. Use your mouse to move and avoid the obstacles with the space bar.

2014-05-12 – girls

Help this brave horse to collect the fruits that are falling from the trees. Use arrow keys to move and space bar to jump.

2014-04-14 – Racing

To win a hand you must have a card from the same suit that the card was discovered on the table or a card of the same suit and higher than throw your opponent.
The value of the cards from top to bottom is: Ace, Three, King, Horse, Jack.

2014-03-29 – cards

Barbie needs your help to take care of her little horse and choose the most beautiful clothes for an outside day. Use your mouse to wash and brush the horse, and choose her clothes.

2014-03-20 – Animal

If you like games about caring horses you’ll love this. You have to care of ponies and wash, dry and brush their hair to be always handsome and happy. Use your mouse.

2014-02-22 – Animal

Like a Royal Coachman, you have to carry the king everywhere he needs to go. Move the horses and park the vehicle safely everytime you need. Use arrow keys.

2014-01-17 – cars

Ride your horse as fast as you can and get the gold and white cubes. Don’t hit the enemies or the traps on the way. Get the orange letters. Move with arrow keys and jump with space bar.

2013-11-11 – Racing

Test your skils and find the hiden items. Hurry up before the time’s up! Use your mouse to play.

2013-05-07 – Animal

Take care of the little ponies and make them happy. Use your mouse to feed them, clean them up, play, and more when you need them.

2013-03-29 – Animal

Chase the horseriders and defeat them. The more you get, the highest your score will be. Use your mouse.

2013-02-21 – bloody

Get rid of the rocks and help the seahorses reunite. Get he shells and avoid the enemies. Wait for the right time and move when they’re gone. Click to play.

2013-01-14 – Animal

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